The Chopping Block – A Grimm Book Review

Can you get enough of Grimm? I know I can’t! That’s why I was so happy to get the chance to review the latest novel based on my favorite TV show, The Chopping Block by John Passarella. Thanks to Titan Publishing and Random House, we have the chance to experience more of the wonderful universe and characters of Grimm.

The Chopping Block takes place between “The Waking Dead” and “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm,” and surrounds a case that starts as just bones found in the forest but turns into a cannibalistic Wesen nightmare. To say that it’s not for the faint of heart is an understatement, but then, Grimm isn’t, so I’m going to assume you can handle it.

I do love that Hank, now that he knows about the Wesen world, tends to jump towards that as the explanation more quickly than Nick does. Unfortunately – or not? – he’s right this time. There are a bunch of bad Wesen involved, with a suitably convoluted plot that will keep you guessing to the end. I personally abhor being able to predict what happens in a book that has mystery elements, and thankfully, I wasn’t able to figure this one out. Major bonus in my opinion!

Another bonus was the extra character development we get to see, specifically when it comes to Juliette. There’s a subplot about her veterinary work that is both intriguing and touching, and it’s something that’s been lacking from recent episodes of Grimm. With the show, there haven’t been any references to Juliette’s job, so it was nice to get that in the book, not to mention further insight into her character.

If you love Grimm, you’ll want to pick up The Chopping Block. It’ll give you some extra time with the characters and universe you know and love, and it’s just a great book!

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