The Walking Dead 409 “After” – 4 Sneak Peek Photos

Image courtesy AMC

Soon, people.  Soon we’ll be out of the prison, back on the road, and seeing what it’s like for our badass buddies when they have to go it alone, or mostly alone.  For now, AMC has released 4 photos from episode 409 giving us a brief glimpse into the goings on in the mid-season premiere.

That first picture above shows what happens when you leave a teenager alone with the undead.  Carl looks like he’s out in the road playing a game of Undead Chicken with a lovely, rotting couple.

Kids today – can’t leave them alone with a reanimated corpse for even a minute before they start some crap.

Below, it looks like bidness as usual for Michonne.  I swear that girl could shill for Popeil and sell millions of katanas in a day.  I’d pony up $49.95 for a Zombie-O-Matic, wouldn’t you?

Image courtesy AMC


Ah, the teenage years.  Never have we been so intelligent or brooding as we are when our hormones are running around having a toga party in our pants.

I don’t know what’s going on in the picture below, but I’m guessing Rick probably grounded Carl after he caught him playing fetch with those walkers.  Or maybe he just isn’t letting him drive the Always-Focus-On-The-Logo Hyundai Tucson® now with the “Never Gets Dirty” finish.

Image courtesy AMC


Old habits, like walkers, die hard.  Back living the life of a single slayer, Michonne seems to have wasted no time harnessing a couple of eunuch ghoulies to keep her people stank from drawing the wrong crowd.  C’mon, you know you’d do the same thing.  It’s lonely out on the road.  Real lonely.

Image courtesy AMC

The mid-season return of The Walking Dead begins Sunday, February 9 at 9/8c on AMC.

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