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The Walking Dead 412 “Still” – Promo and Sneak Peek

Coming up next week, it looks like Daryl and Beth’s Excellent Camping Trip might be coming to an end.  The wandering duo stumble upon a golf course and look like they might attempt to take up residence in the clubhouse.  Either an eternal optimist or possessing a truly terrible memory, Beth holds on to the delusion that settling down in one place provides them comfort and safety.

Was she asleep when the barn burned down and the prison got all blowed up?

No matter, I guess they’ve got to stop moving every now and then.  I just hope we’re not looking at The Farm 3.0 or I might have to bite someone.


In the sneak peek, Daryl’s out doing the grocery shopping while Beth makes magic fire with a car mirror in about 5 seconds flat.  She should get her own survival show, I’m pretty sure Bear Grylls would love to know her secret.  And does every snake on TV have to be a rattlesnake?  Is it a union rule or something?

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