Wizard World New Orleans 2014: Stan Lee Interview

Image by Tom Gardiner

Something Wizard World decided to try for the first time at this year’s New Orleans convention was to get short, impromptu interviews with celebrity guests.  I was fortunate enough to be nearby when a couple of those guests were being interviewed so I’m sharing my good luck with everyone.

The man, the legend, Stan Lee, was interviewed by Aaron Sagers of Paranormal Pop Culture.  In this short and fun interview, Stan revealed he was headed to Wizard World Sacramento where he would be joined by Chris Hemsworth (Thor).  He also hinted at exciting news for other Marvel characters who’d be getting a turn on the big screen in the future.  Then he shared the secret to the success of all his movies and I think you’ll be surprised at just what that secret is.

Near the end, Aaron asks how all of us can be more like Stan Lee and “The Man” explains that would be a very difficult thing to do, and he’s not looking for any competition!  The interview finishes with Stan showing us how to properly say his trademark, “Excelsior!”

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