Wizard World NOLA 2014: Matt Smith “Ask the Doctor” – Part 3, The Finale

Image by Tom Gardiner

And now comes the 3rd, and final, installment of the Matt Smith panel from Wizard World New Orleans 2014.  In the five videos below, Matt covers subjects from dancing to gumbo and he never disappoints.

If you missed the first 2 parts, here are handy links to each:

Matt Smith “Ask the Doctor” – Part 1

Matt Smith “Ask the Doctor” – Part 2

At the end of these short video snippets I’ve embedded the full 45 minute panel, so if you want to see every moment of the event it’s only a click away!


This first clip has a fan asking Matt to do “The Drunken Giraffe” dance one last time for us.  He happily obliges.


Doctor Who has always been a family show that stresses the importance of intelligence over violence.  When asked what the most important lesson he’s learned from the show, Matt has a couple of answers.  One is in jest, but the second answer is sincere and is a valuable lesson everyone should live by.


This isn’t so much an answer to a question as it is Matt touching on subjects like Mardi Gras, the city of New Orleans, gumbo, and the idea of eating alligator.


Matt tells the story of how he became an actor and eventually tried out for the part of the Doctor.


Every actor keeps mementos from the set of a show they’ve worked on.  Matt has his costume at home and here he talks about the things he might, or might not, do with it and what he might change about the costume if he could.


And, finally, for those of you who don’t want to miss a thing here’s the full panel from start to finish.

Be sure to check out parts 1 and 2 of Ask the Doctor linked above!

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