Buffy Season 10 #1- New Rules

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Buffy is back! So is magic, but the game seems to have changed somewhat. Season ten of Buffy is here! This review includes spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Christos Gage
PENCILS: Rebekah Isaacs
INKS: Dan Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: March 19th

We start of this season by some Zompire getting their behinds kicked. Zompires you ask? Well where were you during season 9? Anyway, these vamp-come-zombie-creatures are getting extinct as Buffy and co plus a bunch of friendly vampires join forces to get rid of the zomps. I use the term friendly loosely here.

However Buffy seems to think that the only problems they are facing is the world’s new magic and how it is draining Willow, oh and maybe that her sister and Xander are having some relationship issues. Oh and do you remember the Vampyr book? It seems to have lost all its writing.Everything else is hunky dory, even Spike is back at her side fighting without the awkward drama. Well…she is of course wrong as she soon finds out when the night turns to dawn and her new vampy fighting friends do not turn into burning piles of dust, but instead happily lap up the sun rays, and some even turn into bats for the fun of it. Uh oh! Well fear not, help is here from Anaheed and Billy the boy vampire-maybe-slayer… well let’s ignore these two for now, because the reunion we really want to see is, oh waith Faith? No not Faith or even Kennedy who kindly flew them there in her jet. No it is that watcher- turned Harry Potter lookalike Giles. Yes he maybe tiny now, but is doesn’t matter, him and his protege are very happy to be reunited! So Faith, Kennedy, Giles, Anaheed and Billy join Buffy and Willow to take down these new fangled vampires.

Yay, it all starts of rather well this season, and can I say well done for listening to the fans and get the writer/artist of Gage/Isaacs that worked on Angel and Faith, to take over Buffy, it looks so much nicer than its previous season. So I have high hopes for this season, please make it shiny mmkay? Looking forward to issue two!