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Grimm: Below the Surface – A Grimm Book Review

A new book that takes an in-depth look at the wonderful TV show, Grimm? Yes, please! Grimm: Below the Surface: The Insider’s Guide to the Show goes far beyond the fun beginning found in the previous book from Titan Publishing and Random House, Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore, and gives lots of interesting behind-the-scenes details that any fan will find fascinating.

The book has various sections, including pages from Aunt Marie’s “Casebook” about various Wesen – and surprisingly, a chapter about Grimms!; interviews with the show’s producers, creature designers, makeup and hair artists, special effects and visual special effects (VFX) specialists, costume designers, casting director, stunt coordinator, prop master, and the writing team; interviews with David Giuntoli, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bitsie Tulloch, Russell Hornsby, Bree Turner, Sasha Roiz, Claire Coffee, and Reggie Lee; and summaries of every episode in Seasons 1 and 2.

The details found in the mere 176 pages (it’s coffee-table-sized, but there’s still a lot here for less than 200 pages!) are incredible, and the lovely photos are either behind-the-scenes shots or stills from the various episodes. The Aunt Marie’s “Casebook” sections are in some ways better than those found in Aunt Marie’s Book of Lore – they’re certainly easier to read. The one possible drawback to the book is that it was finished at the end of Season 2, but has come out now that Season 3 is past the halfway point. It’s a little strange to read about things that happened years ago, but it’s also kind of nice to be able to see how the show and characters have changed.

Whether you’re a fan of Grimm or simply want to know more about all the things that go into making a television series, Grimm: Below the Surface will be sure to delight you. Get your copy here!

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