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Indie Feature “Senn” Explores Courage & Kindness – Trailer & Teaser Video

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A lowly factory worker is delivered from a world of misery and discovers his destiny via an ancient object on the other side of the stars.

What would you do if you grew up in a life of soulless servitude and then were taken away many light years from your home planet only to discover you have some mysterious destiny to fulfill?  Probably freak out a little.  Okay, a lot.  Lowly line worker Senn finds himself in that very position as the titular character in the indie feature film of the same name.

Currently making its rounds on the festival circuit, Senn is winning awards, and fans, as it goes.  So far the film has won Best Local Feature at the SF Indiefest and was the 2014 Official Selection at the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival.  The film was created on a “nano-budget” (the filmmaker’s words) of less than $15,000 with a script written by director Josh Feldman and his coproducer husband, Britton Watkins.

Senn isn’t an effects-heavy film, though there are several very well done sequences.  Rather, it’s a plot-driven story with characters you’ll care about and a mystery that will have your eyes glued to the screen.  This is the best kind of science fiction; the kind that challenges your mind and explores how people react to extreme and unusual situations.  I’ll keep you updated on Senn and on when and where it becomes available for public viewing.

Senn is a line worker on Pyom, a world forgotten by even the corporation that owns it. Strange events begin to threaten his job, relationships and life. As his situation reaches a breaking point, an enigmatic alien creature appears. With Senn’s sanity hanging in the balance, he and his lover, Kana, escorted by their alien host, journey light years away to the Polychronom – an ancient object that has apparently chosen Senn from across the universe. The group’s only hope is for Senn to fulfill a mysterious purpose that may change the very nature of civilization.


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