“Just Like Superheroes”

I love this comic book, Jonathan Maberry continues to bring his A Game to every issue.  The pairing of Tyler Crook with the dark story line of Bad Blood creates a perfect world that these characters live in.  Gritty and eerie is exactly what this comic is, and that’s exactly why I love it!  This issue brings a lot of emotion to our main characters and you get to know a little more about their story, specifically our Gothic heroin Lolly. We learn what made her the way she is and dive deeper into her life.

*Spoilers below!*

We open to an undead creature attempting to kill Trick’s only link to the Gothic world, Lolly.  Lucky for her she’s a junkie and, just like Trick’s blood, it’s poison to the vampires.  The vampires are seen in hiding, angry and confused about why they’re being defeated by those who they could once overpower.  Lolly and Trick are attempting to figure out the next step, but neither of them know what to do.  I love the little references to Buffy and Lost Boys may I add.  They decide that Craigslist is the best way to go, of course what CAN’T you find on Craigslist? They create a post for Vampire Hunters and get one serious hit, a man named Jonas Vale.  He agrees to meet in a creepy abandoned area, typical yes, and someone the group of vampires finds Lolly and Trick and attempt to finish them off once and for all.  This gives Jonas the opportunity to show that he is the real deal, taking on the group with his skills.  Even Trick gets in on the action! Jonas showing himself to the vampires is a declaration of war.  Something big is brewing and we’ll have to wait until next issue to find out!

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