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Outlander: Seattle Event Planning Starts! New Gaelic Lesson!

In all of the excitement over the Starz adaptation of Outlander, fans have not forgotten that Diana Gabaldon’s LONG awaited eighth book in the series (Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, or MOBY) will come out in June. And Random House publishers are wisely capitalizing on the frenzy the TV show has whipped up – they have planned a lengthy book tour for Diana this summer (although, hey! there are big cities in between the east and west coasts, and TONS of fans who would pay good money to go to something in, say, Chicago or Milwaukee or St. Louis or Kansas City or Indianapolis or….), and they’re planning a fabulous debut for the new book in Seattle on June 7. If you’re just finding out about this, you may – never give up hope, but don’t get your hopes up – be out of luck, as tickets went on sale this past Monday and were gone in literally minutes (8, I think, no kidding). Yours truly was lucky to be at the right computer at the right time, and I scored one of Willy Wonka’s golden ducats. I promise to document the event for all of you!

(IF you are interested and want to try to get one of these $150 tix, go to RandomHouseEvents.com, find the Outlander event, and click on “buy tickets.” That takes you to Eventbrite, where you can put yourself on the waiting list. Tickets can be cancelled by holders until Friday, May 30, and Eventbrite will contact those on the waiting list to purchase any that are given up.) And there’s a fantastic Facebook group set up for those going to the event, where attendees can find all kinds of info about hotels, activities, possible roommates, and any other information you might need. The admins for this page are Seattle residents, and have generously offered their time and talents to help set up pre- and post-retreat events, answer questions, and possibly put together some event merch!

Today on Instagram, Random House gave us this tease photo, which we think may hint at items that could be in the promised goodie bag, along with a copy of the new book (a few days before the general release, which Diana will sign for us at the event):

random house goodies 3-7-14

And, ok, talk about burying the lead, the 5th installment of Outlander’s Gaelic lessons came out today. The amazing Adham O’Broin teaches us how to correctly pronounce the names of the Laird of Leoch and his studly brother.

Finally for today, although this stuff spreads through the Outlanderverse faster than Beiber booking photos, I’ll give you the two most recent official production photos, released by Starz on their Instagram account:

3-7-14 Claire


3-7-14 jamie

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