The Final Season of Warehouse 13 Begins April 14th

By: Robert Prentice
syfy warehouse 13


With the warehouse about to close its doors, you won’t want to miss this seasons earth-shattering revelations!

Warehouse 13 is been hit or miss for me over the seasons. Many people would tune out parts of each season when there were too many filler episodes and I think that partly resulted in the shows cancellation like it did. All that being said, the cast is a great group of people and had great chemistry on screen. Comic Con in 2014 is going to be a sad place for Syfy with the departure of Warehouse 13 and now Being Human.

Luckly unlike some shows who get cancelled before a decent conclusion can occur, Warehouse 13 was able to get a final set of episodes to finish off the stories. Perhaps like all the 12 warehouses before it, warehouse 13 will have a successor down the road. The concept has the potential to come back with a fresh cast and a new mission.

Either way, here is the launch trailer for the final season, be sure to tune in and say goodbye to the cast.

Save the date because Warehouse 13 returns April 14 at 9|8c, only on Syfy.

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