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Wizard World NOLA 2014: Alan Tudyk – Could King Candy Beat Alpha In A Fight?


With an actor like Alan Tudyk who’s played so many different characters, the questions were bound to come up about some of his more memorable roles.  You know, besides Firefly.  When asked which character was his favorite he actually listed two and how he’s reconciled that they’re actually one in the same.  Listen as he explains how Dutch from Transformers and Gerhardt from 28 Days are the same person.  His explanation for this is, as usual, hilarious.


Now, on to the question on everyone’s mind (No, not, “Will Firefly ever come back?”):  Who would win in a fight, Alpha from Dollhouse or King Candy from Wreck-It Ralph?  A follow-up question evokes the infamous catchphrase coined earlier in the panel, “Taste My Justice!


And on the subject of King Candy, the panel ended on a very sweet note.  A tiny fan, held by her mother, has a simple and sincere compliment for Mr. Tudyk.  No questions, no autographs, just a little girl’s wish to let the star know who her favorite character is.


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