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A review of Serenity – Leaves on the wind #4

So. As our heros just got rid of one pesky person, they now join forces with another of the pesky kind, the Serenity story continues. This review contains spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Zack Whedon
PENCILS: Georges Jeanty
INKS: Karl Story
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: April 30th

As mentioned they kick out pesky Mr Jubal Early, who once again is set free to orbit some planet. And now they join forces with the Operative, you know the evil dude from the Serenity film. I have to say that this must be a bit confusing for people who may not have seen the tv series or film. If you haven’t I strongly urge you to turn of whatever device you are reading this review on and watch it NOW!

Anywhooo. Yes the Operative will be able to help them break into where River was kept. You can’t say that they are really trusting the Operative, and most of them seem to really want to kill him. And understandably so, dude was not a nice fella in the film. But he gets them in and has a battle of his own, still seems to be on our friends side, but who knows eh?

Zoe meanwhile is stuck in some prison planet place, a arid and harsh looking desert. She however isn’t one to be scared and picks a fight with the first big bully she sees more or less. She seems remarkably together after just given birth and then getting separated from her baby.

River meanwhile fights her way through to a lab where she meets her maker. Or messer-upper perhaps, some sort of mad scientist who tells her he has missed her. He says she was special, but no complete, not like this small army of skinhead girls he has in his lab who are now ready to attack….uh oh!

I am still enjoying this series 4 issues in. I think many fans of the show would. I am struggling a bit with the artwork, I think the likeness is a bit off and they all look quite short somehow. But the writing is good, and the phasing is fast. You are left wanting more, which is always good. Gimme issue 5!

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