Being Human - Season 4

Being Human 4×13 – There Goes the Neighborhood Part III Promo & Sneak Peek

Air Date: 4-7-2014

“In the series finale, Sally makes a huge sacrifice to keep her vision of Aidan killing Josh from coming true and that, in turn, changes Aidan’s life forever as he fights to destroy the house’s evil spirit.” ~ ComCast Preview Guide

I can’t believe that this is the last episode. I sure do hope everything is wrapped up nice and tight for us and all is well with those characters we love.

Being Human - Season 4

What I would like to see happen:

Nora and Josh finally settle in to marriage and their baby will be healthy and happy, much like baby April.

Aidan and Sally: I hope some miracle or magic makes Sally corporal so that she and Aidan can have a life together…well at least 60 or 70 years together.

What are your predictions for the finale?

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