Being Human - Season 4

Being Human 4×13 – There Goes the Neighborhood Part III

Air Date: 4-7-2014


Okay who has two thumbs and cried through this finale? *points at chest* This gal!!

Wow what an emotional ride, but thank goodness the show ended with a happy ending. The only happy ending that could really be that is.

Being Human - Season 4

So we left last week with Aidan about to kill Josh and just as expected Sally uses her magic to first remove Josh and Nora into another room and finally to make Aidan human. What Aidan is human, yes you heard right. What an emotional outcome in rendering Aidan human Sally sacrifices herself. No!!! It has only been 7 minutes we can’t lose Sally now!! Ramona has a temper tantrum that gives the game an opportunity to escape.

The trio is devastated at the loss of Sally and so are we the fans, but life still has to move forward and it isn’t long before Aidan finds out that he isn’t meant to be living. His body is aging and it is aging rapidly. In desperation he tries to get a vampire to turn him because he is afraid to die. Josh stops it and Aidan and Josh have a wonderful best friend moment. These are the times we are going to miss, well at least I am.

Being Human - Season 4

In all the sadness Josh learns that Nora is pregnant and he is overjoyed, but at the same time he is scared that his inner wolf could break loose again, but finally Nora is on his side and she trusts him and tells him so.

Being Human - Season 4

Ramona, the spoiled little house she is, hates that her favorite monsters are gone sends them a message in the form of an accident to a construction worker. Aidan and Josh knows that they have to face her, but Aidan tries to talk Josh out of it because he wants him and Nora to live. He finally relents, but tells Josh they need to go in prepared. He has Josh drop him off to get supplies and tells him he will meet him at the house in an hours time.

Being Human - Season 4

Well Aidan goes in without Josh. I am actually surprised that Josh didn’t anticipate that. He has known Aidan for years now and knows he has a hero complex. Aidan and Ramona have a showdown ending with Aidan falling down the stairs Sally style and killing Ramona by lighting the house on fire. OMG can we say waterworks. I had been pretty much crying the whole time before this, but…Aidan!!! Josh and Nora arrive the house is gone. They go inside and they are just tormented by the loss of their friends. Well guess what something went right because Aidan is now a ghost. The three of them are kidding about him haunting them when what else happiness, but Aidan get his door…..

Being Human - Season 4

Well I would continue but I really feel like I have said too much already and I think everyone should be able to watch this themselves.

I am saddened that this show is done, but it left with a bang and that is all we can ask for as fans, right? I wish the brilliant actors great luck in their careers and I will be watching to see what they do in the future.

I want to thank you all for reading my weekly reviews. You have been great fellow fans and I will miss the Being Human family.

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