Bitten Review – Caged

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SO MUCH happened in this episode! It’s hard to believe next week is the season finale!


Surprising to no one, Santos tortures Clay to get Elena to meet up with him. Also unsurprising, Jeremy tells Elena that she’s not going, and actually goes so far as to lock her in the cage in the basement. Probably the only surprising parts about this – Rachel manages to hear Elena clanging away all the way from upstairs, and goes along with Logan when he keeps her from going into the basement. That Logan goes and lets Elena out – and listens to her about leaving Stonehaven – again, not really surprising, but likely necessary. The bigger question: how much longer until Rachel says to heck with all of this mob-or-whatever crap and bails on Logan? Hmmm….


Santos manages to get an Elena butt-kicking twice in one day. That’s probably the most action he’s had in… forever. But considering his Elena obsession, he probably liked it. Moron.


It was both gratifying and unfortunate that Elena had to torture and kill Victor Olsen. After what the sicko did to her and many other children, it’s hard to think that he didn’t deserve it. But because Elena really hates having to hurt and kill, it was also hard to see her have to do it.

So Phillip lied about what happened when he was attacked. Not sure his story to Diane about not telling the truth to keep himself and his family safe really flies… maybe some last remnants of feelings for Elena? More likely.


Jeremy’s revelation about the true reason Clay bit Elena years ago… YIKES. Elena immediately went to the self-sacrificing Clay to cuddle up… with Phillip out of the way and the truth out there, these two will be getting back together for sure. But will Elena be able to forgive Jeremy – both for planning to kill her, and for letting Clay take the brunt of her anger for so long, without cause? We shall see…


James Williams orders Santos to bring a full assault on Stonehaven. That sounds like a disaster for both sides. When will we find out more about this guy?!


Next week is the season finale, and there’s still no news on whether or not the show will be renewed. I’ll update you once we know!

Vicki Dolenga