Bitten - Season 1

Bitten Review – Ready – Season 1 Finale

AUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Yes, I always expect that season finales = cliffhangers, BUT. Really, Bitten?!

This show is trying to kill me – and probably you, too. So here’s what we’re left with after the season one finale…


How can you not love all the @ss Elena kicked?! These were some of the best scenes all season. You canNOT disagree!


Marsten changing sides… well, did he ever really take the Mutts’ side? He seemed wishy-washy about their ’cause’ all along… so when he saved Elena from Le Blanc and let her finish him off, that was both surprising and not. Jeremy’s pardon of Marsten was also less than a surprise. There seems to be some hope for him.

Bitten - Season 1

Santos, on the other hand… Who wasn’t happy to see Elena get her hand into that smarmy bastard’s chest and rip his heart out? Sad thing is, I’m still pretty sure he liked it. He was a very sick boy. Good riddance.


Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. How many times were you told to stay put, only to ignore what you were told and leave? While I get being scared, most people would STAY WITH THE DEVIL THEY KNEW. Truly, you are an idiot, and while I hope you survive for Logan’s sake, I really don’t know if there’s any hope for you.


The big reveal… “James Williams” is actually Jeremy’s father, Malcolm Danvers – who is very much alive and behind the entire Mutt uprising! Again, we already had the hints that something bad had gone down between Jeremy and Malcolm… but the fact that this man wants Elena for some bizarre werewolf breeding plan… UGH and YUCK (although you have to admire werewolf genes – Daddy doesn’t look much older than Jeremy. Freaky!!). Jeremy tells him HELL NO, but considering Malcolm’s last werewolf managed to capture Rachel… I’m pretty sure things are going to get messy.


Logan took off to find Rachel after she ran for the final time, but obviously, he won’t find her. My guess is he’ll head back to Stonehaven after he can’t track her. Will Jeremy help him to put two and two together in time? I hope so – for Rachel and Logan’s sakes.

Bitten - Season 1

And then there’s Elena and Clay. Yay, they’ve finally managed to get back together! Things seem positive as Elena puts the long-held ring onto Clay’s finger, and then goes to her room to put her own ring on… but then she sees Philip’s severed head in her bed, and screams. Malcolm really is a major bastard – Philip was almost out of the picture!! SIGH. And there ends the episode and season one.


There are so many unanswered questions at this point, I can only hope that Bitten will be renewed. Do you want to see this series continue? Comment and let me know!

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