Grimm Review – Synchronicity

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Another great episode with lots going on! Here we go…

So hooray for Nick telling Monroe and Rosalee about his concerns that being a Grimm, he’ll freak out all of their Wesen family and guests. They tell him that sunglasses are the solution – when a Wesen woges, a Grimm’s eyes turn black and reflect their woged face to the Wesen. So now, he just needs to not get them knocked off or have anyone call him out to take them off…


Later, Juliette joins Rosalee at the bridal shop where she’s getting her mother’s wedding dress fitted. Rosalee is just glowing! But Juliette checks out a dress, too. Maybe she’s starting to catch wedding fever?


The well-timed arrival of Kelly Burkhart meant that Meisner was left behind as Kelly, Adalind and the baby board a plane for the US. Shocking to absolutely no one, they go to Portland, with both Adalind and Kelly having no clue who the other really is.


When Adalind asks if Kelly has any children, she says no – that her sister had one. There’s some truth to that, but it was still an odd response. It also prompts Kelly to have a flashback of when Marie picked up a young Nick. Though being a Grimm for so long has toughened her, this makes it clear that she still misses all the years she had to spend without Nick.


The absolute diasaster of Kelly bringing Adalind and the baby to Nick and Juliette’s house was another unsurprising scene – albeit still both sad and funny in some respects. It took a lot for Nick to not immediately try to kill her – although at this point, could he even do it? Between Adalind’s powers and the baby’s… it may not be so simple any longer. Many kudos to Juliette for being nice to Adalind for the sake of the baby.

While Juliette and Adalind are trying not to bond upstairs with the baby, Kelly and Nick put all the pieces together. Kelly realizes that the reason the baby is so powerful is that Adalind did the Contaminatsia Ritualis to get her Hexenbiest powers back while she was pregnant. They also discuss the fact that the baby needs to be taken from Adalind and placed with a family that has no connection to the Wesen or Royal world… sounds awfully idealistic. Do they really think that baby will go anywhere she doesn’t want to go??

When Adalind decides to leave, Nick immediately knows who she’s going to see: Renard. And so she does, introducing the baby to her father. Okay, does she really know that – and how? Her Hexenbiest powers, or maybe the baby’s? Or is she just telling Sean that so he’ll help her? Plus, with Eric dead, it’s not as if there’d be a fight to be the baby daddy. I hope more comes out about this, because you’d think Sean would want a paternity test.

Next week will again be interesting. What will happen when Nick goes into Renard’s apartment? HMMM.

Vicki Dolenga