Grimm Review – The Law of Sacrifice

Despite things being tense, Nick went in to Renard’s apartment and reassured him and Adalind that he had no intention of harming Adalind or the baby – he just thinks that everyone would be better off if they all worked together on this. Considering Viktor and the Verrat are trying to get the baby by any means possible, sticking together seems like a really good idea.


Viktor calls Portland-based FBI agent Weston Steward (played marvelously by C. Thomas Howell), a Hundjäger loyal to the Royals, and tells him to make sure that Adalind and the baby are with Renard. He’s able to confirm it and send two Verrat Hundjägers into Renard’s building, but Nick’s mom Kelly spots him and his henchmen in time. After escaping the Verrat, Nick interrupts Monroe and Rosalee and brings everyone to their house, quickly installing Adalind and the baby there for the night. Monroe’s house is fairly safe – but surely someone’s made the connection between Nick and Monroe by now, especially as Nick lived there for a while?


Nick, Renard, and Kelly head to Steward’s house, beat on him a little to get some answers, and then give him a note to give to Viktor when he arrives in Portland. Kelly then goes back to Monroe’s house, arriving just in time to calm down the baby, who has a little fever. The baby seems to have an odd attachment to Kelly… what’s up with that? Adalind and Rosalee couldn’t calm the baby, but Kelly arrives and she’s okay. Weird…


Their crazy plan goes into motion in the morning. Portland police come to arrest Kelly for the murder of Adalind’s mother, Catherine, shocking everyone but especially Adalind, who’d always believed that Nick had killed her mother. Renard tells Adalind that she needs to come to the station to give a statement, and of course Adalind won’t leave the baby. When Adalind arrives, she tells Renard that she’s picked out a name – Diana. Renard takes the baby while Adalind goes to give her statement… but instead finds Kelly there, explaining what had happened between her and Catherine and finally getting to the fact that she had to leave Nick to save him. Meanwhile, Renard heads out to hand Diana over to Viktor. When Adalind figures out what’s happened, she lets her Hexenbiest out.


Viktor heads to the airport with Diana, but the Resistance is there to meet them and forces Viktor to hand the baby over. They flee in Viktor’s limo, and it’s Nick, Kelly, Hank, and Monroe, not the Resistance! Kelly then takes Diana to parts unknown, apparently to raise her as her own daughter. A Grimm raising a Hexenbiest – that doesn’t seem weird at all


Diana seems happy enough with Kelly for now… but what will happen when she starts missing Adalind? A baby with powers that can’t be controlled is more than a little dangerous. No one’s suggested that Diana have a little Grimm blood, but wouldn’t that be the simplest solution? Then again, maybe it wouldn’t work on her.

Both Adalind and Viktor want Diana and don’t know where she is… will they end up working together to get the baby back? That would be all kinds of bad, but I can’t see either of them giving up. Maybe Renard and Nick should tell her the truth…

I still want to know why no one is questioning that Sean Renard is the baby’s father. Sean and Adalind even discussed the fact that she’d slept with Eric! It certainly seemed like she slept with Eric more often than Sean… I want to know why everyone’s just accepting that he’s the baby daddy.

As usual, all sorts of interesting things are happening when we have to wait an extra week for the next episode. Augh! April 25th can’t come quickly enough!

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