Outlander: Speak Gaelic #8 – Castle Leoch

STARZ released the next in its continuing series of short videos designed to keep us from hearing gibberish in our heads when our favorite characters speak Gaelic. The newest episode teaches us how to pronounce Castle Leoch, the Mackenzie stronghold (and incidentally, one of the easier words to say!). This video features Annette Badland, who plays Mrs. Fitzgibbons.

Following the Twitter Q&A with Gaelic instructor Adhamh O’Broin this week (see the transcript here), we all should be a little more familiar with this fascinating but tricky language. And if you still have problems (face it, you do, I do, we all mangle it but still wish our men spoke it to us), visit Mandy Tidwell’s GreatScotBlog for help.

Oh! And one more thing – yes, his name is spelled Adhamh, but it sure doesn’t sound like that when he introduces himself. Mandy explained that on Twitter today:



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