Grimm Review – The Inheritance

Another amazing episode! The Grimm writers are rocking it right now!

Hearing more about Trubel’s past just garners more sympathy from the other characters as well as the audience. How she acts – and reacts – continues to make more sense. Everything she did in this episode – taking on Josh and Rolek by herself, joining the fight when Nick told her not to, even refusing Juliette’s offer to go shopping – all have to do with how she grew up and what she’s been trying to deal with on her own for so long. I adore her more with every episode.

Grimm - Season 3

Of course the plot around Rolek and what he has for Nick was an excellent one, although completely unexpected – Trubel’s comment about there being 3 Grimms in Portland at once was on point! Of course the Verrat had to get involved, and there had to be a fight over the chest. The best part was Hank figuring out where the key was, though the continuation of the map wasn’t surprising.


Adalind and Renard… what a very twisted relationship they have. It was awesome that Sean caught her getting Juliette’s hair and clothing, but getting knocked out and unable to fix the problem was less than stellar. I love that she was doing spells with a cauldron and a “traditional” witch’s hat – we haven’t seen that before. Is Renard going to say anything to Nick and Juliette, even though he’s not entirely sure what Adalind is up to? You have to admit, she makes Juliette seem creepy…


The season finale and the wedding are this Friday!! Don’t miss it!

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