Outlander: Contest Winners Announced, Book Tour Shirt Available

A big thank you to all who entered my first Outlander contest! We had 613 entries, 136 comments on who you’d like to see come to life, and bunches of new followers for both my Twitter account(@ErinConrad2) and for @threeifbyspace! I hope you all enjoyed the contest, and for those of you who took the minute or two to explore this site and enter with an article and author, a special thank you. I am very grateful to be writing for this excellent site, and I hope all of you find something about it to interest you beyond Outlander coverage.


Our two winners have been contacted, and prizes will go out tomorrow. Kari Nishikawa, a pharmacy student from California, and Andrea Lingle, from beautiful Asheville, NC, were our lucky two! Kari won for following @threeifbyspace, and Andrea’s entry of Murtagh as the character she’d like to see won it for her. Surprisingly, maybe only to me, Murtagh was the character that the largest group of you wanted to see come to life! (I had asked for suggestions other than Jamie and Claire.) Jenny and Ian, separately and together, received big support, as did Black Jack and Frank. We had a couple of single votes for Jocasta, Ned Gowan, Brother Anselm, and Mr. Willoughby, and one entrant was eagerly awaiting “Waldo” – Diana’s cameo appearance.

Book Tour T-Shirts

In case you’ve been rereading and haven’t seen your Twitter feed or Facebook posts from any Outlander group out there, you have the opportunity to show Diana that you appreciate her wonderful books by supporting the charity that she supports. Two t-shirts, one highlighting the Seattle Rashirtndom House Fan Retreat, and one without the retreat line (both feature the summer book tour lineup on the back), are available from Koko Pipkin from Puget Sound Sassenachs and I have designed a cute shirt, that Diana herself called “beautiful,” ¬†which is also available in other products. Profits will go to Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos, the charity that Diana donates all her speaking engagement fees to. Sure, maybe you have a Heughligans or Caitriots shirt, but neither of them supports Diana’s choice of charity! The Seattle¬†retreat shirt is available through Saturday, May 10, and the MOBY book tour shirt is available through Friday, May 18. MOBY shirt

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