Titanfall:Expedition expansion due this month

By: Gary

Earlier in April at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) Respawn Entertainment unveiled the first expansion for Titanfall. The expansion will be titled Titanfall: Expedition and will add several maps as well as new Titan specific burn cards.

I watched the stream on Twitch.tv and the Respawn Team gave more details (but vague)  about the expansion. The first of 3 expansions will add several maps, new burn cards, as well as burn cards that will add effects to Titans as opposed to just pilots.  The main map shown took place in Aztec style alien ruins on an unnamed planet. The team said that the map would not feature as many buildings as normal maps but, the same wall-running mechanic would be applied to trees and other structures. The ruin style map seems to be a big detour from the typical urban/battlefield settings for the maps on the game. Respawn also teased a few more maps one of which being one that took place in a virtual simulator with a Tron style look. No new game play was show on the maps, but you can take a look at the full gallery on the Titanfall official website below.

Titanfall: Expedition is due out this month and will be $9.99 or free if you purchased the Titanfall season pass.



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