Attack On Titan Review: First Battle – The Struggle on Trost, Part 1

By: Robert Prentice
Attack On Titan


Everyone has been telling me for months to watch Attack on Titan, claiming its Anime’s The Walking Dead. I will be honest, that comparison actually kept me away from it for awhile. The Walking Dead has not been all that great for me the past few seasons and I didn’t want to see another series about zombies or titans in this case. When Funimation finally started to air the english dub, I decided I would catch it on Toonami and I wish I had seen it sooner. If this weeks episode was anything to go by, the series has far more to give then The Walking Dead ever did.

The Colossal Titan has returned and Eren moves quickly to strike at the Titan and stop him from creating any additional breaches in the wall. But just before he can get a strike on its neck, the Titan vanishes. However, its job was done and the wall was breached. With Titan’s flooding into the city, it was time for the cadets to fly into action and take them on. In the capital word of the titans breaking through Wall Rose, reached the MP and the commander breaks off the game of chess with the Marquis and sends his men out to the field to fight. The Marquis begs for them to stay, caring nothing for everyone on the front lines.

After 3 years of training it was time for the cadets to fight. They are all pumped up and we finally get to see our heroes take down some Titans. Yet just 5 episodes in, our cadets do not have the happy fight or happy ending anyone had hoped for. The entire squad is eaten or killed. Armin is in the mouth of a titan about to be swallowed whole when Eren who is already missing a leg from another titan flys in and throws Armin out and ends up in the mouth himself. Armin is sitting there frozen in fear and reaches out for his friend, only to see the titan bite down on his arm and swallow him. Our main hero Eren….is dead.

I will say this, the series has far more guts about it then The Walking Dead and isn’t afraid to push the limits and in some ways plays the game of no character is safe (much like Game Of Thrones). Humanity has yet to have a single decent victory against the Titans so far, and that is rare for any series to go this long without even a small victory. Can this be the end of Eren and the rest of the cadets? We are only 5 episodes in so there must be more to the story. I was left far too shocked to wait for next weeks dub episode so I went and watched the subbed episodes. You won’t want to miss them. Plus if you are in a hurry like me, part 1 with episodes 1-13 will be out on DVD english Dub this tuesday.

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