Dominion: Meet the Cast, Exclusive Preview!

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By: Erin Conrad June 17, 2014

Dominion, Syfy’s new drama, is set to debut Thursday night (8 pm central/9 eastern) – and I’m excited! The preview I’ve seen didn’t have final effects or music, but looks to be beautifully made and very intriguing. Set in the ruins and rebuild of Las Vegas, now called Vega, Dominion is set 25 years after God has turned his back on man, and his Archangel Gabriel has decided to reclaim Earth and wipe out humanity. His brother, the Archangel Michael, still believes in mankind and has chosen to fight on our side. (The original battle is the film “Legion,” which is available on Amazon.)

Watch this exclusive clip previewing Thursday’s nights premiere:

Meet the cast:

alexAlex Lannon (played by Christopher Egan)
Abandoned by his father, Jeep, at a young age, Alex became a soldier. He rose through the ranks to join the Archangel Corps, an elite unit responsible for the protection of Vega’s aristocracy. Through his assignment to House Riesen, Alex developed a secret relationship with Claire Riesen, daughter of the Lord Of The City (General Riesen). Often rebellious, Alex tries to balance his sense of duty with his need for freedom.
michaelMichael (Tom Wisdom) @ThRealTomWisdom
The Archangel Michael, a legendary warrior throughout history, was the only angel to take humanity’s side during the Extermination War, turning against his own kind. Always inscrutable, Michael has watched over Alex his entire life, but is just now beginning to understand the complexities of having such a close relationship with humans.


claireClaire Riesen (Roxanne McKee) @Roxanne_McKee
Daughter of General Riesen, Claire is next in line for her father’s position as Lord Of The City. She is beloved by the people and always does her best to watch out for the city’s lower classes despite her sheltered and privileged upbringing. Although she is in love with Alex, Claire is torn when her father insists that the only way to help the city of Vega move past the caste system she hates so much is to marry William Whele.


generalGeneral Riesen (Alan Dale) @RealAlanDale
General Riesen led humanity in the Extermination War twenty-five years ago, and today leads the city of Vega as Lord Of The City. A paragon of strength and duty, Riesen helped build Vega, and imposed a class system as a way to keep order and ensure the city’s survival.


davidDavid Whele (Anthony Head) @AnthonySHead
As the Secretary of Commerce, David Whele is the chief administrator of Vega and the second most powerful leader in the city. A ruthless and cunning political operator, the ambitious David is always on the hunt to keep or grow his power… by any means necessary.


williamWilliam Whele (Luke Allen Gale) @LukeAllenGale
The son of David Whele, William is Vega’s Principate. Specifically, he’s the religious leader of the Church of The Savior, the religion that has grown since the Extermination War all based around the concept of “The Chosen One.” Kind hearted to his flock, he is very much in love with Claire Riesen and welcomes their betrothal, even if he admits it is a political move by their fathers.


arikaArika (Shivani Ghai) @ShivaniGhai
The beautiful and wily wife of Queen Evelyn of Helena, a distant and mysterious fortified city. Arika arrives in Vega as part of a negotiating party. A stranger in a strange land, she shares a clandestine relationship with David Whele.



beccaSen. Becca Thorn (Rosalind Halstead)
As one of General Riesen’s consuls in the Senate, Becca Thorn is one of the most powerful leaders in Vega, overseeing all scientific and medical personnel in the city. She acts as confidant to General Riesen; a close friend to Claire Riesen; and carries on a forbidden affair with Michael that involves stronger feelings than even she may be comfortable with.


gabrielGabriel (Carl Beukes) @CarlBeukes
Michael’s scornful, jealous brother, the Archangel Gabriel is the leader of the angels in the war against humanity. Though a more colorful personality than Michael, Gabriel is full of hate for mankind and wants nothing less than to wipe them out entirely.



Want more before the premiere on Thursday? The Dominion website ( has lots of videos and behind-the-scenes clips. And tomorrow, I’ll bring you details about the production from a publicity conference call made last week!



Erin Conrad