Drew Roy Talks ‘Falling Skies’: Devastating Decision & New Show Runner

By: Robert Prentice
drew roy Falling Skies

Season 4 begins with the 2nd mass back in a bad position with the Espheni as they are attacked on the road home to Charleston. The 5 minute preview released by TNT gives you a glimpse of how the 2nd mass get separated and who doesn’t survive in the first episode of the season. Today we had a chance to catch up with Drew Roy who plays Hal Mason and find out just whats up with Hal in season 4 and what its like having a new show runner.

This is part 2 of our interview. Miss part 1? Be sure to read up on Hal’s new leadership and relationships.

The show hints at more mythology and ‘human evolution’ or extinction. What can you tell us about this?

The entire evolution that the Espheni are talking about is a cloud that surrounds us for most of the season but remains just over the horizon and there is a fear about what that means. It’s one of those things where we don’t directly deal with it during the main part of the season. We spend our time trying to get everyone back together and finding each other. The whole evolution will sneak up on us and when it actually comes to fruition and we see what it actually means its quite a surprise. It’s a huge shock for some of the characters and is quite devastating for them and I think it will be quite a shock for viewers as well.

New show runner and a longer season: How did that change the character arcs?

I think its such a nice thing that we get to have a new writing staff and show runner. What it does is it brings a new life to the scripts and to the storyline as a whole. It’s a tricky thing at the same time because it’s someone new coming in and trying to make a huge impression and change the show without deviating from what the show is and what got it to that point. Luckly the new show runners have come in and paid homage to what was already done. It’s always interesting to see the new take on the characters from the new writers because everyone has their own ideas for the characters. We get to learn a lot more about the characters and the mythology behind the show and the aliens.

Don’t miss falling skies every sunday night at 10 pm EST on TNT. Next week we will learn a bit more about this devastating choice the 2nd mass faces in the fight with the aliens and the possibility of evolution or death.

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