E3 Highlights

By: Gary


I’ll get this out in the open first, I am most excited for Destiny. After years of waiting, we finally get another Non-Halo Bungie game. Halo was great, but Bungie could have done better. Now that Bungie is no longer owned by Microsoft we will finally get to see how truly creative the company is. Destiny was teased last year as a Sci-Fi MMO for consoles (XBOX ONE & 360, PS3, PS4, PC) this year we learned more details about the new franchise. The ‘world’ feels like a mashup of Mass Effect, Borderlands, and Warhammer 40K. Space Royalty, last human stronghold on Earth, and post apocalyptic planets. As far as I could tell from the information given on the game, everything takes place in or near our galaxy. Teams of Guardians (the player(s)) go out on missions against a foe that threatens the last remnant of humanity. The game plays first person with insane weapons (similar to those in borderlands)and each character class has special abilities that evolve and get more powerful as the player levels up.

Release date set for 9/9/2014 with a Beta for preorderers starting July 17

Phantom Dust

I got into Xbox very late in the game and I must say this series was the one I regretted not playing the most.  The original game had a very dedicated following when it was released 9 years ago. The first Phantom Dust got swept under the rug by the Xbox 360. It was released in March of 2005, 6 months before the Xbox 360’s release. The game was a hit among fans and hopefully will reach a much larger audience on the new console. The trailer made it seem like more of a reboot/spiritual successor than an actual sequel.

No word on Release Date yet, most likely 2015.

Hyrule Warriors

Adding a twist to the long running Dynasty Warriors series Nintendo has teamed up with Tecmo Koei. Hyrule Warriors is a  game that plays like Dynasty Warriors but stars characters from the Zelda universe. The game will take place in hyrule and Link, Zelda, Midna, Impa, and an original character will be playable. Exclusively for the WiiU this game looks like a decent game but, is not the Zelda game fans have been wanting.

Release Date 9/26/2014 for the WiiU

Unnamed Zelda

Nintendo teased a super short trailer for an all new Zelda game. The game showed off what appears to be an all new iteration of Link wielding a Bow against a massive foe. Link was able to combine arrows with other items to create specialized weapons similar to what was in Twilight Princess. I’d expect the Master Sword to return but, unlike most Zelda trailers past this focused more on the Bow . I’d expect the new Zelda game to make use of many different arrows like Hawkeye in Avengers and hopefully have a great story.

Release Date TBA 2015

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