Interview – Maxim Knight Shares Secrets From Falling Skies Season 4

By: Robert Prentice
Falling Skies maxim knight


Season 3 left Matt and the other members of the 2nd mass on the road again after having defeated the Espheni grid and nearly being shipped off to Brazil by the Volm. With Karen gone, who would take over as our enemy? Things get crazy in season 4, and we caught up with Maxim Knight (Matt Mason) and found out just where the 2nd mass will end up as we head into season 4.

From season 1 until now we have watched Matt grow up from a young kid, into the young teenager he is today, and watched Maxim mature in his acting career. Season 4 opens the reigns for Maxim’s character and lets him take on a leadership role within the show and give his on-screen brothers a run for their money.

Coming out of season 3, Matt has begun to mature away from the young kid who couldn’t fight, into the stubborn teenager who refuses to back down. Where do we find Matt at the start of the season?

“Matt gets his own story line, but it is temporary. We find him in a World War 2 style youth camp run by the Espheni and early on Matt gets a love interest. It’s very interesting because I got to flex some leader acting. I got to play the role of a leader which was new and interesting.”

So Matt is stuck in a brainwashing youth camp run by the Espheni. It is clear that at some point Matt will escape. While Matt will end up in a leadership role, he does fall under the wing of a mentor who helps him through the process of being a leader, Captain Weaver.

“He falls under the wing of Captain Weaver. Matt continues to express leadership traits, but he follows the leadership that Weaver puts upon him. Tom has never really been Matt’s father because he is always so busy as a leader. Matt wants to learn about war and how to be a good soldier and Weaver does that for Matt. We help each other through emotional phases.”


So Matt is getting a love interest. It seems now at least all of the Mason boys have or have had a love interest and now they are exploring Matt and Pope having their own love interests. What were your thoughts when you heard about not only your love interest but the love triangle between Hal, Maggie and Ben?

“I thought it was great. I am happy about Matt’s character. I think when you look at it from the perspective of a 14-year-old boy, it’s very normal for him to have a girlfriend. When I heard what the script said about Ben and Maggie I thought it was very neat direction and they take it to a very interesting place later in the season.”

We have seen from the previews that little Lexi is no longer little. Matt’s younger sister is now his older/younger sister. Tell us what that relationship is like between Matt and Lexi?

“Matt never really had a relationship with baby Lexi. Matt didn’t have much time to focus on that. Now that she is older, she is put in danger (which I can’t say much about) and we end up growing closer as a result. The entire family does.”

Going into season 4, which on-screen partner did you enjoy spending more time with that you have not been able to in previous seasons?

“I really enjoyed working with Will Patton (Weaver).”

So without spoiling what happens, which episode was your favorite this season?

“Well I certainly cannot say why it is my favorite but it was episode 4 or 5 and it has to do with the chicken. That’s all I can say.”


That should be interesting. So let’s all remember to look out for ‘the chicken’! When I asked Maxim about the finale this year, the only comment he could make is “it is the most explosive finale yet”. Season 4 increases the scope of the story arc’s and the overall mythology.

“Change is important to the story, and increasing the scope is important to allow the story to continue. It is exciting, and I enjoyed season 4 a lot. I think it’s our best yet. I don’t know what they are going to do for season 5, but it’s getting ridiculously awesome at this point.”

Do you see them ever taking us into space and being aboard the ships in space?

“I am a bad person to ask that because I would of course say yes, that would be awesome.”

When you look at how far they have expanded the story and the mythology, how much more do we see and learn this season?

“There is a new mythology and a very scientific exploration of the Espheni that we get into this season. I cannot say more than that.”

Season 4 returns June 22nd and we cannot wait for everyone to check out the new season. Be sure to catch Maxim on Falling Skies in 2 weeks and also on ABC’s new show Chasing Life which premieres this Tuesday on ABC Family.

Also exciting is the news that Little Orbit will be coming out with a Falling Skies video game for Wii U, Xbox and playstation later this fall. In the mean time, check out this 8-bit Falling Skies trailer TNT put out.

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