Angel & Faith season 10 #4

Angel and Faith are still worlds apart but the story moves forward nonetheless. Issue 4 of Angel and Faith season 10 is out, this review contains spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Victor Gischler
PENCILS: Will Conrad
INKS: Michelle Madsen
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: July 2nd

First of all I’d like to congratulate the team behind this season of Angel and Faith for really doing a great job, they were left with a comic that did very well last season, but the duo of Gage and Isaacs then went off to write on the main Buffy comic and Gischler and Conrad stepped in to some big shoes to fill. But they are doing a great job. The Magic town that was created due to Whistlers mess in last season works really well, it is a perfect home for our broody hero. In this issue he has some epic fights, first with Pearl (baddie from last season) and then with a bunch of pesky pixies led by their fearless and very annoying leader Corky. Angel manages to catch the pesky Corky and brings him to the slightly flaky Nadira instead of killing him which pleases her. Seems Angel is becoming a bit more caring of the magical beings in Magic Town even the bad ones. They also find out that Corky & co have been bottling magical essence from the fall out. Nadira traps Corky like a nasty little genie in one of those bottles. We then find out that Corky’s gang of pixies has moved of to work for a new employer, someone who has her sights set on destroying Angel, and it is another familiar face from all the way back to Season 1 of Buffy.

Meanwhile in another land far far away Faith is getting ready to give up on Kennedy and her Deepscan business, she feels like she was never really cut out for working there but it was her only option. But now it is her time to move on. Kennedy doesn’t want her to leave and slaps her with a manilla folder containing the words missing and Riley Finn. This makes Faith stop in her tracks. At first I was wondering where they were going with it, why would she care about him, but that was before I remembered what happened with Faith switched bodies with Buffy back in season 4. It seems she is staying with deepscan for now then.

So I guess the hero and heroine are still playing at their separate gigs, but at the moment it is working out ok, I didn’t feel so much that I wanted Faith to just hurry on back to the UK just yet. Angels storyline in London is enjoyable too and I have to say that all four issues of this series have all been very good. Lets hope it keeps on delivering the goods!

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