Dominion at SDCC: Alan Dale Talks Accents, Leaving Vega

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Alan Dale, who plays General Riesen on Syfy’s Dominion, talked with reporters last week at San Diego ComicCon. The New Zealand native talks about how many times he’s died in movies and TV (sounds like it rivals Sean Bean!), and about how he got his show-biz start by imitating American comedian Shelly Berman, starting at age 13 – and gives us a very funny demonstration!

He also offers a bit of a spoiler for coming weeks, following the last episode in which daughter Claire tells him that due to his affair with the eightball Clementine, he must step down as Lord of the City. The first question is cut off a bit in the video – the reporter asks him about the General dealing with his “cancer diagnosis.” Yes, I know – we clear that up pretty quickly.

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