Dominion: Black Eyes Blue Preview

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This week on Dominion, David Whele confronts William about the Black Acolytes – but how can he use this knowledge to his advantage?

Hopefully this episode will see the return of Gabriel – as if David Whele wasn’t bad guy enough for an episode!

A suggestion to all of you Dominion lovers: read the recaps at the Dominion website. Whoever writes these recaps obviously has a great time doing it, and doesn’t take the show as seriously as we all do. And don’t forget to check out the Citizen’s Handbook for newly opened chapters!

Dominion - Season 1

And remember, watch for ComicCon coverage of Dominion! We’ll be attending the press panel and watching for any little goodies we can bring back to you. This week’s review will be late, as I’ll be out enjoying the California sunshine (which is definitely better than regular old Illinois sunshine).

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