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Dominion Episode 3 Review: Broken Places

Murder is a crime for men. Is it a crime for angels? – Michael

Plots and intrigue – family loyalties vs. the greater good. The third episode of Dominion has so much going on that you have to pay attention every moment! Once again, Executive Producer Vaun Wilmott and several cast members live tweeted with viewers during the episode’s East coast airing.

tom on monitor


Chris Egan and his new eightball friend.

The plotting between David Whele (Anthony Head) and Arika (Shivani Ghai) takes a turn when Evelyn, Arika’s wife and Helena’s queen, warns her to stay true to Helena by sending the body of her sister in a box. This seems to have the opposite effect – it makes her more likely to pursue a secret deal with David. Claire (Roxanne McKee) agrees to a deal with her father in order to secure rights for all of Vega’s citizens – but she doesn’t know the implications of what she agrees to.


Domionion - Season 1

William Whele (Luke Allen-Gale) meets Gabriel (Carl Beukes) in a small cafe. He asks Gabriel why he didn’t warn him that Felicia, Claire’s servant, was an angel sent to kill the Chosen One, so that he could have gotten Claire out of danger. Gabriel, revealing more and more that he’s unstable, kills the waitress and others in the cafe. He tells William that some men shudder and turn away from the sight of blood – a reaction designed to keep men’s behavior in line, but the strong rise to the sight of blood. He tells William that he is one of those men.

Domionion - Season 1

Alex (Christopher Egan) leaves Vega. We see him talking to Claire in the car with him, but it turns out to be a fantasy. Arika and David Whele discuss plans to get Helena’s air power for Vega. David questions Michael (Tom Wisdom) on the floor of the Senate – it’s obvious that David is not a fan or friend of Michael. David says that Michael is actually a deserter, a soldier who turned his back on his own side. Michael responds, “What if I were a traitor, what if I slaughtered everyone in this room?” He warns the Senate that there is much more to come, and his job is to protect Alex so he can save what’s left of humanity.

Domionion - Season 1

Noma discovers that Alex is missing, and tells fellow soldier Ethan, who says he’ll talk to Michael. As Claire walks through the market, William finds her and asks where her guards are. He says he didn’t know their fathers would announce their engagement, apologizes to Claire, and says he hopes that this will not get in the way of their friendship. Claire, not knowing how to respond without hurting him, walks away.

Michael approaches a vendor in the marketplace, who is actually a neutral angel, a refugee from the war. Michael tells him to keep an eye on those he knows to be angels, since, as he explained to the Senate, once they took human bodies they can no longer easily tell whether a person is human or angel, that the connection they’ve had in Heaven is gone. He warns the vendor “tell the others, either stand with me or leave Vega.” Ethan approaches Michael and tells him that Alex is missing, that he’s left. Michael didn’t know his, and leaves immediately to track Alex down. Alex wants Michael to leave him alone, and says he doesn’t need Michael’s protection. Michael “calls shotgun” and gets in the car, and Alex puts a gun to Michael’s head. Michael, cool under pressure, tells Alex that he has died many times, and the person wielding the weapon has always been hurt worse. He asks Alex to make just one stop with him, and then Alex can decide if he wants to continue to Delphi on his own.

Claire discovers that any students who had contact with Felicia, her servant who turned out to be one of Gabriel’s angels, were taken in for questioning. She protests to General Reisen (Alan Dale), her father. She says that this move was political,and warns him not to use her to justify the detention of innocent people. “I want you to treat them like people, not numbers.” He says that if she wants things to change, she should marry William.

Domionion - Season 1

David suggests to Senator Becca Thorne that they learn more about Michael so they can understand the threat from the other higher angels better. She says Michael’s not going to submit to questioning. Whele reveals that he knows that she is sleeping with Michael, and says it will make her a pariah.  He tries to blackmail her into working for him with that information.

Michael takes Alex to the house Jeep lived in after he left Alex. There is scrawling all over the walls. Alex can see Jeep in his mind, and see that not being able to understand the tattoos makes him crazy.  He sees Jeep consider suicide.

Michael says that he found Alex’s mother here, her body wrapped around Alex. Jeep and Alex’s mother (here, it helps to have seen Legion – if you haven’t yet, I suggest you do) barricaded themselves in to keep him safe, and Michael fought them off. Alex’s mother died, Michael held Alex, and he wouldn’t stop crying. And now he was Jeep’s responsibility. Alex says he thought Jeep was “the greatest dad.” “Little did I know it was all so when he dumped me on the street, I’d have a chance for survival,” he tells Michael. Michael tells him that Jeep didn’t want to do that – that he argued with Michael, but Michael said that Alex had to struggle and fall so he would rise. “He gave you up because he believed in you. I will do anything I must to protect you.”

A trunk arrives for Arika. When it’s opened, they see a dead woman – Arika’s sister – stuffed inside. As Arika prays over her sister, David says that Evelyn delivered Arika’s sister dead in a box to warn her to keep the secrets of Helena sealed. “Something tells me the air force and the virgin brides you promised are off the table,” David says. Arika responds, “Her body is barely cold and still you pursue this deal.” She asks for amnesty from David, and says once she’s in power, the deal will get her highest priority.

Domionion - Season 1

Alex asks Michael about his birth and why he was chosen. He says lots of babies were born that same day, and Michael seemingly picked him at random. What isn’t he telling Alex? As they talk, Furiad and his angels descend to kill them. Michael is struck down.

William holds a service of the Black Acolytes, followers of Gabriel. He tells the followers that the Chosen One has arrived. A new acolyte is initiated – by breaking ribs.

Arika sends out a signal. To who? Has the deal she just agreed to with David been a ruse all this time?

And Claire, who is a trusting, honest person, makes a huge mistake. She tells William that her father has agreed to draw up a plan of basic rights for all people in exchange for her agreeing to marry William.

Gabriel is furious that Furiad tried to kill Michael, so he kills one of his servants, and says that if Furiad tries again, Gabriel will kill him. Gabriel seems to have lost all sacred, heavenly qualities except a love of his brother – will it redeem him? Can it?




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