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Dominion: Episode 4 Review – The Flood

Gabriel to Michael : Does the child know about your colorful past?

Trust issues abound in this episode. Who can we trust?  Apparently, nobody. Not angel, not man, nor lover or friend or child, brother or sister. The entire episode was filled with a flood of mistrust and deceit. Some, we know already, are not worthy of trust – David Whele, for sure.

Be sure not to miss the cast and crew live tweeting during the episodes (note that Tom Wisdom has changed his Twitter handle to @MrTomWisdom). During Thursday’s episode, Tom responded to a tweet asking about his favorite scene so far:

tom tweet


When Alex brings Michael back to Vega after Furiad attacked them, he is arrested for being AWOL. Afraid to let anyone see his markings, he attacks the guard in an effort to be thrown into solitary confinement rather than strip as ordered. Claire learns that he’s back after talking with Bixby in the infirmary; they are overheard by Senator Frost, who learns that The Chosen One came to visit the little girl. He doesn’t know that it is Alex, however. Claire gets Alex released.

Dominion - Season 1

Michael and Gabriel have a sister – Archangel Uriel. She secretly visits Michael in the hospital and drips liquid feather onto his wound. Later, when he wakes up, Becca is with him, relieved that he didn’t die. He asks would that have been such a bad thing? and says that he should have – the blade Furiad used was made of Empyrean steel (apparently fatal to angels). He tells her that she deserves a normal life, that there are many good men in Vega; she says she doesn’t want a good man, she wants a great man, one who loves her. Michael asks if she thinks he’s capable of love. (I thought that’s what angels were…)

Dominion - Season 1


Uriel comes to Michael and she asks why he hasn’t produced The Chosen One. She tells him that the three of them need to talk. An Archangel summit is held (with Gabriel lasciviously stroking a statue), and both Michael and Gabriel ask her if she’s chosen a side. She says she misses their Father; Michael tells her he’ll return. Michael tells Uriel that Gabriel has been using the eightballs as “cannon fodder” by possessing them, which Uriel  finds repellant. Gabriel then asks Michael if Alex knows about Michael’s “colorful past” – what has MIchael done that Alex should be concerned about? He says that he has never forced Alex to do something against his will, and Gabriel tells him “but you will.”

After Gabriel leaves, Uriel tells Michael that he should train The Chosen One, help him decipher the markings, and lead him to save humanity. In that effort, she says, he will “have her sword.” Later, though, she tells Gabriel that he should get control over The Chosen One and help him to destroy humanity, and then Gabriel will have her support. What is her game? Does she have a different motive? Is she on both sides, or neither? Obviously, the angels have strayed from a straight and true path – if they were ever on one.

Dominion - Season 1

In a Senate meeting, Senator Frost argues that The Chosen One should reveal himself. He is a true believer, and tries to force the issue by taking General Riesen and David Whele captive until they agree to produce The Chosen One. He locks them in one of Vega’s food production and storage agri-towers, and threatens to flood the tower, killing them all, unless they agree. He says he knows that The Chosen One has been found,  because he overheard Claire and Bixby talking; David Whele mutters, “we should have taken care of her (Bixby) earlier.”

Dominion - Season 1

In their fathers’ absence, Claire and William Whele become part of the Senate (Becca names Claire “Lady of the City Pro Tem”), and they argue whether Alex should be produced as the Chosen One – Claire feels that it’s time. They vote to send in the army to end the standoff. Claire tells the captain that Alex will be the negotiator, and he reveals himself to Senator Frost, who initially doesn’t believe him – “I’ve seen you guarding House Riesen. You’re a V-2!” but comes to believe when Alex tells him of a vision he saw while in solitary – “She Died for You,” he tells the Senator. And the Senator believes – his daughter died so he could survive. He releases the hostage and removes the threat to the food supply. But General Riesen, perhaps fearing that revealing The Chosen One will interfere with his own personal power, kills Senator Frost before he can show Alex and his markings to the citizens of Vega.

Dominion - Season 1

Arika makes a play for Noma to join her side, telling her that when she returns to Helena, she’ll need someone to look out for her interests. “Why would I want to leave Vega?” Noma asks. “Why would you want to stay?” Arika replies.

Alex tells Michael that he is ready to accept his destiny and asks Michael to train him; Whele removes what he believes is a wildcard in the secret of The Chosen One by killing Bixby in the hospital.

Dominion - Season 1

What is Uriel doing? The writers say you will learn more down the road. Are there additional Archangel siblings (some Biblical sources say there are four Archangels, some say seven – could there be more aligned with either side?)?  What is David Whele’s goal? Why does he not want The Chosen One revealed – does he have an ultimate goal? Is he really concerned with Vega’s survival, or only his own? When will Claire learn of William Whele’s association with Gabriel and the Black Acolytes? When will she tell Alex that she has agreed to marry William? That she hasn’t yet makes her untrustworthy. Who do you think is worth trusting – anyone?

Dominion - Season 1

For an insight into this week’s episode, watch “Inside Dominion” with show creator Vaun Wilmott:

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