Down the Rabbit Hole, a review of the Weirding Willows

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“The Weirding Willows” is a mixture of all of the wonderful fairy tales with a perfect blend of suspense and mystery. Every page they introduce an exciting character from childhood lore. From the Cheshire Cat to Frankenstein’s Monster to Mowgli, everyone is present in this exciting whirlwind of a tale.
We start off with Alice, everyone’s favorite dreamer, and her father who has a rather odd day job. They’re relationship seems far from ideal, which is probably why she has a tendency to “live in another world”. Alice’s only friends are The Worries Three, who are rabbits from the world of The Weir, where animals talk and walk like humans.

Every turn of the page creates a deeper web in which these characters play a part, the story bounces between the real world, the Weir, and various other lands. Between these lands, there are portals that transport the characters back and forth, the only catch is that once in the real world the talking animals become cute fluffy animals with no memory of the Weir. The story becomes very complicated when Damon arrives, and our heroes from the Weir must help him and Mowgli to recover what has been taken from them.
My favorite part of the story is the Cheshire Cat, whom as usual, is always in the background smirking and being the CATalyst (get it?) for all of the mayhem.
“The Weirding Willows” is a great read, I absolutely love how Dave Elliott brought the worlds together, and the Field Guides are really interesting because you can see the research he put into this.  The story is compelling and fun, with twists and turns and new surprises on every page. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for Alice and friends.