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First Full Series 8 Trailer for Doctor Who: Into Darkness

“I’ve lived for over two thousand years.  I’ve made many mistakes.  And it’s about time that I did something about that.” – The Twelfth Doctor

The BBC has just released this first official full-length trailer for Doctor Who series 8 and it’s definitely a doozy.  The quote above indicates the Doctor is on a mission to make up for what he sees as his past transgressions.  Apparently, saving Gallifrey and everyone on it only scratched the surface of mistakes the twenty-plus-centuries-old Time Lord feels he has to rectify.

Steven Moffat has said we were getting a “fiercer” Doctor and some darker moments.  This trailer bears witness to those words.  There were plenty of enemies shown, both old and new.  I saw a dinosaur, but this time it wasn’t on a spaceship.  There was even a quick glimpse of Danny Pink diving for his life as something exploded in a sparkly, fiery display the likes of which are usually reserved for television and movies.

So sit down, hold on tight, and someone call the United Federation of Planets and inform them the crew of the Enterprise aren’t the only ones going “into darkness.”  With all due respect to Dr. Leonard McCoy, Gallifreyan Doctors are apparently much more well-rounded in their ability to do non-medical stuff.  Especially running.

Doctor Who series 8 premieres Saturday, August 23.

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