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Intruders at SDCC 2014: Glen Morgan & Julie Gardner

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We were given a lot of insight into BBC America’s upcoming paranormal thriller Intruders in this interview with executive producers Glen Morgan (The X-Files) and Julie Gardner (Doctor Who, Torchwood).  We learned that they didn’t have to build any sets for the show because they found a perfectly creepy house that fit the tone of the show nicely.

I had to ask Mr. Morgan if he misses The X-Files as much as fans do and if there’s a little of that show’s DNA in Intruders.  Julie Gardner explains the underlying mythology of the show including the body-sharing entities and the secret society pulling all the strings.  The duo talked about the amazing talent they have in young Millie Brown who, at only nine years of age, shows an acting ability well beyond her years.

Julie Gardner said the biggest difference between UK and American productions is that the food is better at craft services in the States, but overall the process of creation is essentially the same.  Glen Morgan stated that they’ve remained largely true to the novel The Intruders by Michael Marshall Smith, but did take some detours here and there.

I had to finish out with my own fanboy moment by stating that the pair were involved in some of my favorite shows of all time.  I mean, c’mon, with these two working together along with the amazing cast Intruders is on target to be yet another enormous hit for BBC America.

Intruders premieres Saturday, August 23 at 10/9c right after the series eight premiere ofDoctor Who on BBC America

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