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New Doctor Who Teaser – I See Into Your Soul

“I see into your soul, Doctor.  I see beauty, divinity, and hatred!” 

The familiar sounding off-screen voice speaking to the Doctor sounds almost like a Dalek, but not quite.  So who do we know that sounds a lot like a Dalek, but just different enough to be unique?  Why, Davros, of course!  I’m not certain of this, but it’s gotta be Davros.

I guess this means we’ll definitely be seeing the Daleks again, or at least their creator, in series 8.  If we’re going to have the Daleks, it’s always better with Davros.  Nobody monologues like Davros.  His creations aren’t exactly known for their oratory skills.

Doctor Who series 8 premieres Saturday, August 23.

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