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Nobility at SDCC 2014: Christopher Judge Talks Baldness and “The Word”

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Christopher Judge, known to Stargate fans everywhere as the stoic-but-sweet Teal’c, will be playing Admiral Sontar Nev in the upcoming scifi dramedy Nobility.  He generously agreed to speak with me about his role in the show.

It was a short, but fun conversation.  We talked about how his character on Nobility looks like Teal’c and the real reason he’s bald (again) for this role.  He assured me that Admiral Nev is very different from Teal’c even though he’s rocking the clean-shaven cranium once more.

And of course as a huge Stargate fan I couldn’t let the conversation end without discussing that infamous word.  And to close out our chat, he briefly stepped back into his much-beloved character and spoke “The Word.”  That, my friends, was a real fanboy moment for me.

It was, “Indeed.”

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