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Nobility at SDCC 2014: Doug Jones On Therapy, Latex, & Geeking Out

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Doug Jones, who can currently be seen covered in alien bits as Cochise on Falling Skies, generously gave of his time to speak with me about his character on the upcoming series Nobility.  During the course of our conversation we spoke about the kind of show Nobility is (The Office meets Firefly) and the quirks of the characters we’ll see.  We focused on his character, ship’s psychiatrist Dr. Havel Allard, who’s probably the most in need of therapy out of all the oddballs aboard.

He discussed the differences between acting with and without prosthetics and how he has to adjust his acting style based on the amount of “stuff” he has covering his body.  In Nobility he plays a perfectly normal human being.  Well, maybe not all that normal, but definitely 100% human.

As a Trekkie I had to ask him what it was like working with scifi icon Walter Koenig who is probably best known for playing Pavel Chekov on the original Star Trek and Alfred Bester on Babylon 5.  As a Trekkie himself, he admitted he did geek out a little bit over working with someone who was a big part of shaping his love for genre entertainment.  A perfectly understandable response for any Trek fan, wouldn’t you agree?

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