Outlander Poetry Contest: The PG-13 Stuff is Here

It should be no surprise to anyone that some of the Outlander poetry contest submissions focused on Jamie and Claire’s relationship. And even though much of that relationship isn’t expressed in words between them, our poets found ways to express it to us that way (of course, since this are poems, not videos…. which my editor probably wouldn’t let me show here … hmm… next contest idea?). So, here to celebrate the love between Jamie and Claire, are some of those poems.

From Candace Apple:

Memories of the Wedding Night

Take me to that evening hour
Where shadows spread soft on crisp wood floors
Dancing like midnight
with new eyes agape
Snaking, gliding on rhythms and whim
Your hands, warm honey on my skin
I am liquid and solid
I am id and honesty
Intoxicated with odor and peeled for consumption
Craving the quenching of this ultimate itch
Steering zigzag into that moment
That incline, that invasion
Inventing ecstasies, catching on teeth,
clutching faded sheets
Liquid indulgences flow like waves
Stranding us on strange and slippery shores
Mouths melt like selves in our primitive tangle
Sublime intruders, creeping fingers,
dulcet energy mining utterance and breath
Easy as oil, in each fold and fissure
Velvet oases of purple and red where sweat and sweet collect
Clumsy with heat, savage and soothed
Creeping and twisting in milky communion
I envelop you
With flesh
With gold
Transient and eternal
Our love is a soft fortress

starz claire and jamie

And Diana Rotelli, a bawdy limerick:

Fluff in the Rough

In Scotland, they say, men are bold
They go commando, don’t have to be told.
When their kilts are aflutter
The girl’s quims turn to butter
And their knees promptly buckle and fold

A lovely piece from Lauri Burgess:


By chance I fell through stones of time and there
Did meet a man who struck my heart anew
A loyal man with pride and courage rare
More brave and strong than any that I knew
The stones held me a captive in the past
Still freely did I give this man my heart
We shared a love that time could not outlast
A ring of silver proof we’d never part
But time and tide and WAR wait for no man
And all too soon I had to leave his side
With just the J he carved upon my hand
His seed a budding heartbeat deep inside
In time I’ll find a way to travel back
To find the love who called me Sassenach

And a two-part poetic conversation from Susan VanHoven:

Jamie to Claire

Strength and courage is my Lady’s core
Surrounded by softness and rare beauty,
She is my life, my soul, my heart and more,
I will hold her to me for all eternity.

Claire to Jamie

My love has the heart of a warrior fierce,
His powerful arm tempered by ancient wisdom,
His touch the depths of my being pierce,
Through the mists of time I will ever seek him.

There are a few more to publish – I’ll reveal those a little later in the week. Please feel free to comment below on any of the poems I’ve put out. And, while the contest is over, if you feel inspired to write Outlander poetry of your own, I’d love to see it and possibly publish it here – email it to me at

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