Outlander Poetry: More Contest Submissions – About Being a Fan!

I recently held an Outlander poetry contest, and received lots of great original poems. The winning poems were published in another post, but I wanted to share more of the wonderful poetry that Outlander fans created. While the contest has ended, if you have something you’d like to see in an upcoming post, feel free to send it! You can mail anything to me at erin.conrad@threeifbyspace.net. All of these are about being a fan, and I think we can all identify! Comment below!


An ode to Diana, from Candida Nunez (who provided it with this lovely art):

One of kind for Candida3


I think we can all relate to this, from Rachel Martorano:

How I love thy tales, Claire and Jamie
My blessed distraction ye be
I comprehend naught else,
when wrapped up in book be me.
Chores left undone, laundry stacked high
child hanging precariously in tree
Dinna fash, all will work out
when at book’s end I can close the covers…
At least til I start the re-read.

2-16-14 filming 3

And from Kari Nieves:

Ron, Diana, Cait and Sam
All celebrate with a dram.

Outlander Episode 1 will air
August 9, and we’ll all be there!

To see Jamie and Claire on TV
Outlander fans will certainly “SQUEEE!”

6-29-14 tw 4

From Denise Stuart Holterman:

Step into the pages & you are no longer here,  but THERE …
Wherever Herself has taken you.

And you cannot control the journey,
But only enjoy the ride.

“Hie thee hither, lass,
I hae wonders
which I would show thee.”

And Sheryl Overby understands completely what we all go through:

Is It Weird To Be Fangirl?
Is it weird to love Outlander so much that you neglect your family at times?
Is it weird to spend 3 hours per day reading posts on twitter and facebook?
Is it weird to defend your time fangirling because “there isn’t anything better to do”?
Is it weird to think about Jamie and Claire’s MMMPH moments in your own bedroom?
Is it weird to take a day off work just to read MOBY?
Is it weird to know why it’s called MOBY?
Is it weird to enjoy doing Laundry so you can listen to Outlander POD?
Is it weird to wish you could go “bagging“ in Scotland?
Is it weird to have one of Matt B. Roberts pictures as your phone’s home screen?
Is it weird to plan your summer vacation around the TV premier on Starz?
Is it weird to fantasize about your husband in a kilt?
Is it weird to wonder if you could be best friends with Carol and Tracey from MOP?
Is it weird to feel the sorrow of personal loss when a character dies?
Is it weird to dream you had a sliver of the talent of Diana Gabaldon, Herself?
Is it weird to memorize Outlander Kitchen’s lavender fudge recipe?
Is it weird to worry about fictional characters such as Jem who was stuck in that tunnel?
Is it weird to consider changing your profession so you can work with Terry Dresbach?
Is it weird to immerse yourself in something so much that you forget reality?
Or is that the point?

Coming soon – more fan poetry, some befitting the, shall we say, racy? nature of much of the series!

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