The 100 At Comic Con – Marie Avgeropoulos on Octavia’s Growth, Grounders & Mt Weather

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Season one saw incredible character growth for Octavia and more so then any other character on the show. Her growth is accelerated by a love relationship with a grounder named Lincoln. After saving Octavia in the woods, she defends him at every turn when the others true to torture him for information on the other grounders. Marie also commented on the recent nomination for an Emmy and how incredible it is to see the fans react to the series.

Those who stood in line to see the panel also got a sneak peek at a sizzle real for the 100 that recaps where the show left off which you can see below. Be sure to checkout Marie Avgeropoulos’ interview as she talks about the incredible first season and teases a bit about season 2. One thing we learned from her cast mates is that the butterflies have a role to play in season 2. That scene in season one was more than just something beautiful. She plays it off as having no idea, whether true or not we know somethings more is coming.

Robert Prentice