The 100’s Devon Bostick Talks Jasper and Mount Weather At Comic Con

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Jasper has had his far share of encounters with the grounders. Within the pilot episode of season one Jasper was speared and strung up as bait to bring the others in to their deaths. He almost didn’t make it if it wasn’t for the few friends he had fighting to save him and Clarkes skills that she picked up from her mother. When we last left the group, mountain men were throwing gas canisters and knocking everyone out. When they awake, we don’t see Jasper just yet but Clarke realizes they are at Mount Weather.

Devon sat down with press at comic con and discussed where we find Jasper at the start of the season. A few key things about the start of the season are that we start right where we left off, no time jump. It is also going to be difficult on some of the characters going from being prisoners to free and back to a prison cell yet again.

The 100 returns to CW next year but checkout the full interview with Devon Bostick as he shares more information on favorite season 1 moments and teasers about season 2.

Robert Prentice