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Watch This Cool Lego ‘Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor’ Recreation

As an avid and rabid Whovian one of my favorite things to do is peruse BBC America’s Anglophenia blog.  They’ve always got cool news about Doctor Who.  I don’t know how they find all the cool toys, but I’m glad they do because they love to share.

While I consider myself a pretty big fan of Doctor Who, an even bigger fan is Anglophenia contributor Fraser McAlpine (Twitter @csi_popmusic) who brought this inspired Lego recreation to my attention.  The stop-motion short was, in turn, created by even bigger Doctor Who fans – a brother and sister team who make stop-motion Lego videos under the name Bookshelf Productions.

Using audio snippets from the 50th Anniversary Special, tons of Legos, and the incredible patience it takes to create stop-motion animation these super siblings have made a very entertaining 5 1/2 minute video any fan of Doctor Who will love.  Speaking of love, show Bookshelf Productions a little by subscribing to their YouTube Channel and liking their Facebook page.  Be sure to do the same for Fraser McAlpine and BBC America because they’ve always got goodies to share.

Handy dandy links are right here:

BBC America on Twitter

Fraser McAlpine on Twitter

Bookshelf Productions YouTube Channel

Bookshelf Productions Facebook Page

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