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Ascension at SDCC 2014: Al Sapienza On Being Frozen In Time

Al Sapienza, who plays Councilman Rose on Syfy’s upcoming 6-hour event series Ascension sat down with press and really went into detail about the show.  It’s easy to tell from his enthusiasm that he’s a real fan of the show and he gave us a lot of information that makes us just as enthused.

Since the ship Ascension left Earth on a one-way voyage to Proxima Centauri back in 1963, the people aboard are a microcosm of society isolated from the rest of the human population for over 50 years.  The show explores societal evolution in a unique setting.  The story begins with the murder of a young woman which makes many of the people on board question whether or not they should continue on or turn back to Earth.

As of now only 6 episodes have been ordered, but according to Sapienza the door is left open for more episodes and hopefully a recurring series.  If Ascension is even half as intriguing as the concept sounds, it should stand a pretty good chance for a full series order.

Ascension premieres November 24 on Syfy

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