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Ascension at SDCC 2014: Tricia Helfer Knows Her Ascension

Tricia Helfer, best known as Cylon “Number 6” from Battlestar Galactica sat down with press to discuss her role as Viondra Denninger on Ascension.  Viondra is the wife of the captain, but she’s having an affair with Councilman Rose so that’s going to be an uncomfortable situation in an enclosed environment.

While the character’s description of being beautiful, manipulative, and dangerous sounds a lot like her Battlestar Galactica character, Helfer explains how Viondra is different from Number 6.  She goes on to explain that the interiors of much of the Ascension look more like a cruise ship than a spaceship, which would make sense if you’re building something to house people for a full century.

Judging by her detailed knowledge of the show it’s easy to tell Helfer is really a fan of the project.  She’s really studied not only her part, but all the elements of the show.

Ascension premieres November 24 on Syfy

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