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Doctor Who 802 Teaser: Your Patient Is Ready … To Exterminate!

With the title of the second episode being Into the Dalek the patient in question really is no surprise, but it’s still off-putting to consider doing anything to a Dalek except try to stop it or run away from it.  So knowing full well the Doctor and friends will be getting their Shrinky Dink on to traipse through the innards of a homicidal pepper pot just piles heebies all over my jeebies then sprinkles spiders on top for an extra chill down my spine.

I wonder if a Dalek will be as disturbing on the inside as it is from the outside?  My recommendation: Stay away from the gooey center where the actual, meaty Dalek resides.  It’s probably got cooties.

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek airs Saturday, November 30 at 9/8c on BBC America

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