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Doctor Who: The TARDIS Gets An Interior Redecoration

By: Tom Gardiner
BBC America doctor who Tardis

This really is a big year of change for Doctor Who and not just because the Doctor has a new face and a different attitude.  The show’s production designer, Michael Pickwoad, has given the TARDIS interior a bit of an overhaul to better fit the new Doctor’s personality … and just because it’s cool.

The video starts with Clara stealing David Tennant’s line from the 50th Anniversary Special when she declares she doesn’t like the redecoration.  From that point, we’re led by Mr. Pickwoad on a tour of the redesigned interior beginning with the latest changes to the ever-changing console.  Then we’re shown the updates and additions to the outer walls which have a nice mix of old, futuristic, and alien design elements which, given the show’s premise, fit perfectly together.

Doctor Who series eight premieres Saturday, November 23 with the episodeDeep Breath

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