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Doctor Who World Tour – Seoul Q&A Highlights Are Here

“You can see my house from here.  It’s that blue box.”

Good news, everyone!  The on-demand feed for the Doctor Who World Tour question-and-answer session in Seoul, Korea is back!  Our hopes that it was taken offline for editing purposes came true and now the BBC has it up for the world to see.  The 6 1/2 minute video contains highlights from the Q&A session including that clever quote from Peter Capaldi we’ve placed above.  And in case you’re worried, it’s completely spoiler free.

If you ever wanted to know if Jenna can cook a soufflé like Oswin or just what Peter and Jenna were pointing at in the very first photo of the pair, your answers are within.  Enjoy and keep checking back for more goodies from the world of Doctor Who.

Catch the best bits from the Doctor Who World Tour fan event in Seoul, filmed on the 9th August in the Grand Ballroom at 63 Building.

Doctor Who series eight premieres Saturday, August 23 with the episodeDeep Breath

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