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Doctor Who World Tour: Sydney Live Stream Canceled – Video Still Coming

When I sat down to write a post about the Sydney, Australia leg of the Doctor Who World Tour it was with the intention of providing you an embedded link to the live stream.  As they often do, plans change, and in this case it’s not good news.  The live stream is canceled in favor of a spoiler-free highlights video after the event, but the change was made with good reason.

Based on fan feedback, it has been carefully considered that a Q&A session would be far more productive after screenings of Deep Breath, rather than before.  To be honest, when I first discovered the live stream Q&A was canceled I was upset, but the decision makes sense.  A live stream during a Q&A session that takes place before the attendees have seen the series 8 premiere episode can just go in odd directions, but one that takes place afterwards will have fans in attendance filled with all manner of probing inquiries.

You won’t be left completely in the dark.  After the event is finished the Doctor Who YouTube Channel will post a highlights video promised to be free of spoilers.  After Deep Breath has aired on August 23 they’ll release a longer version filled with the things River Song hates most.

Take heart, potential companion.  This turn of events is something the Doctor would face with confidence because he knows that everything will end up good in the end.

I also think it’s important to note that the outlook for future live streams might be the same.  The logic behind this decision would apply to all future stops, though no official word has come down about how said stops will be handled with regard to live streaming.  We’ll keep you updated here as developments arise.

From the Official Doctor Who website: (Click here to read full article with FAQ)

We will no longer be live streaming the fan Q&A event from the Doctor Who World Tour in Sydney. We’ve listened to your feedback and agree that it’s much more exciting for fans (both at the events and online) if the Q&A session takes place AFTER screenings of Deep Breath. That way, the panel will be able to chat about the Twelfth Doctor and the episode in much more detail. The World Tour is the first time that a current Doctor and companion have officially visited Australia, so we want to make sure that we make the most out of their time with fans.

We will still publish a (spoiler-free) highlights video from event within 24 hours of it happening, and a longer version will then be made available after Deep Breath has started to air around the world on 23 August.

We appreciate that this may be disappointing news to some of our loyal fans who are not able to attend event in person or were looking forward to the live stream, but we’re confident that this now means you’ll be getting much better, more exciting video content to enjoy.

Doctor Who series eight premieres Saturday, August 23 with the episodeDeep Breath

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